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September 2010
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The HTC Desire Black Is A Great Looking Smartphone

The HTC Desire has proven to be one of the most popular handsets to date for the manufacturer. It hardly comes as a surprise, given its list of features and functions such as a 3.7 inch touchscreen, 5MP digital camera, and super fast Wi-Fi internet access.


 It is not just the standard features which make it so appealing though. Thanks to the Android OS (v2.1), access to the Android Market allows users to browse and download thousands of apps, providing endless possibilities.


The recent addition of a Black colour variant has now added an aesthetically pleasing new alternative to the range. Whilst the standard handset is an attractive phone in itself, the new Black version gives it a new level of aesthetic appeal, so style conscious users are sure to welcome it with open arms. This is great news for those who also view their phone as a fashion statement, as the black colour scheme gives it a sophisticated and classy look.


As with the standard handset, the HTC Desire Black packs an impressive spec list. The 3.7 inch AMOLED capacitive touchscreen utilises a pixel resolution of 40x 800, within which up to 16M colours gives it an impressive level of image display quality. This makes it perfect for viewing your photos and videos in all their glory. The screen includes such features as multi-touch input method, accelerometer sensor for auto rotate of the UI, and an optical trackpad. The HTC Sense UI is also included as an alternative to the standard Android v2.1 user interface. HTC Sense is a highly customisable user interface which allows users to assign up to 7 homescreens, with the apps, widgets, themes and colour schemes of the users choice.


A micro SD card slot comes with a pre-installed 4 GB card for storage of data such as media files and documents; however it can accommodate a card of up to 32 GB should 4 GB not prove sufficient. 32GB is capable of storing an entire digital music collection and loads of other files.


The HTC Desire Black offers all the bells and whistles you would expect from a modern smartphone. Wi-Fi internet access allows a great browsing experience whilst a 5MP digital camera is provided which provides photography enthusiasts all the tools they need to take quality images, whilst also catering for those who simply like to take spontaneous snapshots. The camera can also shoot video footage in WVGA quality.


As with a modern Android smartphone, the HTC Desire Black provides everything you could need on a day to day basis. The Android Market gives endless possibilities for expansion and customisation, whilst the classy black colour scheme means the HTC Desire Black ticks all the boxes.  

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