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September 2010
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Do you want an iPhone 4 for free? Here's how to get one

If you like the iphone 4 but can’t afford to buy one then read on to find out how you can get one for free. Few people know that they can actually get a free iPhone, no strings attached. I know this is a bold claim but bear with me and I will show you how you too could have your own iPhone without spending a single cent by taking part in testing programs such as THIS ONE

The launch of the new iPhone has started a real frenzy amongst software manufacturer who are constantly competing with each other in order to make the coolest and most useful applications for the phone. The ones who get it right make tens and hundreds of millions in profit each year. But how do they know if an application is going to be popular amongst iPhone owners? Well, they employ an army of testers and rely on them to use these applications daily for a week and then give their honest feedback on whether they liked it or not.

As a reward for their services, the testers don’t get paid in cash but get to keep the iPhone for free. The best thing about these kinds of programs is the fact that you won’t need previous experience or special education in order to participate. The companies want to get feedback from regular people and not from software engineers. And testing won’t interfere in any way with your daily schedule or your day job as you will only have to use the application only when you need it.

So don’t waste another second and apply for a testing program by clicking HERE as spots are filled pretty fast and I don’t think you would want to miss out on a free iPhone 4.

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